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Title : Dough
Release : 2015
Rating : 6.2
Language : English
Runtime : 94
Genre : Comedy,Drama

Movie Detail

Safa Habimana is an immigrant in Britain who is struggling to make ends meet, with the hope that one day, she and her teenage son will reunite with her husband. On the other hand, her son, Ayyash, a troubled young Muslim with lots of time in his hands, has no interest in anything else except on how to spend the time with his friends and make some easy money. And then, by a bit of bad luck and bad timing, the Police will come on Ayyash's doorstep, forcing the desperate Safa to take drastic measures. Without delay, she will set up an appointment with Nat, a Jew baker for whom she works for, asking him to take her son as an apprentice. Naturally, beginnings are usually hard at first, but as time moves on, Nat's business will start flourishing, while a strong bond will develop between the two men. However, unbeknownst to them, problems are just around the corner.

Director :

John Goldschmidt

Writer :

Jonathan Benson, Jonathan Benson, Jez Freedman, Jez Freedman

Actors :

Jonathan Pryce, Jerome Holder, Phil Davis, Ian Hart

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